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About BBB Membership Standards
The following Membership Standards must be met and maintained in order for any person, firm, partnership, corporation, or other organization to be accepted into or continue with BBB membership.
1. Be in business not less than one year, except that membership may be granted if:
a) Principals are well known to the Bureau because of community reputation or prior demonstration of
business ethics.
b) Firm is a branch or affiliate of accepted local member.
c) Firm has relocated or expanded from a city where it was or is a member in good standing of the BBB.
(The Bureau may at its discretion, extend the minimum time in business requirement to a period greater than one year if, in its opinion, such additional time is required for a proper evaluation of the applicant firm).
2. Supply general information on the nature of its business and on the background of the company's principals and any other information deemed essential by the Bureau to provide inquirers factual reports which bear on the reliability of the business.
3. To cooperate with the Bureau's activities and efforts to promote voluntary self-regulation.
4. To use the name of the Better Business Bureau only as authorized by the BBB's Board of Directors.
5. To promptly respond in a business like manner to any and all complaints forwarded by the Bureau, and make good faith efforts to resolve all such complaints in accordance with generally accepted good business practices.
6. Agree to, for unresolved complaints, binding arbitration under BBB rules of Arbitration if consumer also agrees, or pre-commitment to a dispute settlement process through a provider other than the Bureau, and which the Bureau determines substantially complies with Bureau consumer dispute resolution criteria.
7. Comply with all decisions rendered through the Bureau arbitration programs or an alternate provider's arbitration program in which the firm has agreed to participate.
8. To make every possible effort to eliminate the underlying cause of any pattern of customer complaints which the Bureau may call to the company's attention.
9. Adhere to state and federal statues and established Bureau's standards of advertising and selling, including the Code of Online Business Practices for online businesses that apply for the BBBOnLine Reliability logo, and cooperate with the Bureau in matters relating thereto and to supply, upon request, the evidence upon which any advertising or selling claims are based.
10. To adhere to the Bureaus Code of Ethics, have a written Customer Service Policy acceptable to the Bureau or agree to the Bureaus Customer Service Policy.
11. Fulfill and maintain all licensing and bonding requirements to operate a business.
12. To be free of any evidence that the firm does not meet its financial obligations.
13. To support the principles and purposes of the Better Business Bureau by maintaining a positive image and reputation for the business that favorably affects the public's opinion of the Bureau and its members.
14. Not to be the subject of governmental actions that relates directly to its customer relations or alleges fraud, deception or other misconduct bearing on the operation of its business.
15. Sign a Membership Application and pay the appropriate dues and fees as set by the Bureau.
16. To be free from an unsatisfactory report at the Bureau in whose service area the company is headquartered.
Failure to maintain the requirements and standards of membership shall result in termination of membership and the right to use or display the BBB membership plaque and decals.

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